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Softina is a creative software development company offering a wide range of professional services in the IT field, including off-site custom software development, IT-consulting, IT-researches. The company specializes in professional services on high-quality network-based automation solutions to business needs. We provide turn-key solutions and consulting services for solutions from other vendors.

Since 2002 we have been working successfully for our clients in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, both for international concerns and for small and middle enterprises. We have good references from them.

Our very unique advantage is that we are headquartered in the Ottawa area, Canada. Softina's development center is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since the city of Kharkiv has always been the educational, research and scientific center in Ukraine, Softina has a solid highly skilled human resource basis. Our business structure is ideal to deliver high quality, low cost programming, and effective communication to our clients worldwide.

Our team is distinguished for the broad experience, profound expertise and well-established tradition of reliable service, as well as for the individual approach to our clients' requirements.

We understand the importance of information safety and thus we provide security of the developed software, as well as protect our clients' intellectual property.

Our devotion to long-term partnerships with our clients based on quality at very competitive prices, constant communication and trust.

The slogan of our team is:

«Qualitative software for effective business»

Softina provides a wide range of professional services in the IT field:

  • Programming, custom database design, remote servers and web projects administration;
    please find more information in the section "Services Software Development".
  • Research projects and consulting;
    please find more information in the section "Services Research Projects".
  • Computer graphics, web design, web site development;
    please find more information in the section "Services Design Studio".


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