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Softina is a programming company offering custom software development to meet all the specific needs of your company and in accordance with its objectives. Our solutions enable our clients to achieve and maintain a technological advantage.

We will save your company development time and expense by using up-to-date technology, state-of-the-art equipment, by delivering reliable information management software swiftly at very competitive rates.

We offer our clients and technological partners various organizational models of cooperation, from placing single developers at our client´s proposal with wages per hour to the grouping of project teams working for prices per unit. If necessary, some tasks can be carried out on the client´s site.

We can develop completely new custom software for your business as well as modify or redesign an existing system or application. We are prepared to undertake the most complex IT projects and staff them with a blend of world-class computer scientists, programmers, mathematicians and designers.

Our expertise in project development for our clients in Western and Eastern Europe is always at your disposal. We believe in a fully transparent and inclusive client relationship. That means continuous feedback from us on the status of your project and the opportunity for you to share your goals and ideals.

We are service model and western management style oriented.


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