"There are many ways of laying out a garden; the best is to entrust this to a gardener."     [ K.  C z a p e k ]

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Softina: our mission          

Softina's mission is to deliver high-quality, reliable, cost-effective IT-solutions and advice, enabling our clients and partners to achieve and maintain a technological advantage through new solutions and the optimization and reduction of costs for current activities.

We believe that people should think, create and make decisions, while machines should support them in these processes. Everything that can be automated should be automated in order to release people from their daily routine.

Just therefore we approach to the process of software development as to a mutual creative work, enabling our clients and partners as well as our experts to realize their ideas, knowledge and skills on the full range. And as a result our software solutions proves to be properly effective, dependable and technologically smart!

Our devotion to long-term partnerships with our clients based on quality at very competitive prices, constant communication and trust.

The slogan of our team is:

Qualitative software for effective business


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