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[MAGNA STEYR AG & Co KG, Graz, Austria]

Determination of quality improvement potential in the software development processes ...»»


Standard MSF IT Systems Improvement
[MAGNA STEYR AG & Co KG, Graz, Austria]

Methods research for increasing the effectiveness of Standard MSF IT Systems ...»»

Alarm Management System
[META Industriesoftware GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany]

Research of implementation methods and system design of the GSM-Based Alarm Management System ...»»


Bug Tracker
[MAGNA STEYR AG & Co KG, Graz, Austria]

The research and technical concept development of an integrated software defects management system in respect of bug tracking and the ability to respond promptly to such defects (bugs) ...»»

System design development
[MAGNA STEYR AG & Co KG, Graz, Austria]

System design development in software projects. Analysis and technical concept development. ...»»

[MAGNA STEYR AG & Co KG, Graz, Austria]

MSF Portal Environment: Analisys and Roadmap ...»»


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