"There are many ways of laying out a garden; the best is to entrust this to a gardener."     [ K.  C z a p e k ]

A new project with  

Softina: starting a cooperation          


To start a project with Softina, contact us via e-mail. We will quickly respond, analyse your general requirements, and familiarize you with our skills and experience in the relevant areas.

Once we come to the conclusion that Softina meets your needs, we will go on to continue the discussion of your project. We will gather detailed technical information about your project and your company's needs, and will negotiate with you about the development process, as well as the business aspects of working with Softina.

As a next step, on the basis of the gathered information we will develop a detailed written proposal of the project implementation for your review and consideration. The proposal includes project requirements, detailed time and cost estimates, proposed team structure and implementation schedule, as well as references to clients who have done similar projects with Softina.

Once we have agreed with you on all your concerns, and you have approved our proposal, we will sign a formal contract and start working on the project.

To start, contact us right now. We will be happy to be at your disposal!


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